Park Clean-Up Responsibilities

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This involves going around The Complex collecting and emptying the trash cans into the main dumpsters. There is a Club Car in the shed by the Lower fields’ parking lot to use for this task. It takes about 1.5 hours to do park cleanup.


  • Get the cart from the large shed near the South parking lot.
      • If the cart is not in the large shed, it may be at either concession stand.
      • If the large shed is locked, please see a MFLL Board Member.
  • Load the garbage cans into the back of the cart.
  • Garbage cans are at all 9 fields (don’t forget the T-Ball field!) and near the port-a-potties.
  • Drive them to the large dumpsters to empty.
      • The dumpsters are located near the large sheds by the South parking lot and to the north between the large baseball diamonds and softball fields.
  • Return all garbage cans to their original locations.
  • Check with each concession stand for any additional garbage and large boxes.
  • Return the cart to the shed.
  • Children under 16 are not allowed to drive the cart and must be a licensed driver.
  • The Board member on duty will sign your Volunteer Hours form.

If while working your shift and games get canceled, you will receive credit for the time worked. If games are canceled prior to your shift, no hours are granted. You will be responsible for rescheduling if you need volunteer hours. Be sure to check the website before coming to The Complex.